Link organises and supports cultural European exchange projects for young people. Link is always looking for partners to realise cultural projects that gives opportunities to young people in Europe. The foundation Link is located in Rotterdam the Netherlands, but the activities of the foundation can be all over Europe.

Before Link was founded the members where organising and supporting European exchange projects with the foundation Groningen One World. Within the foundation Link there is a lot of experience with different kind of youth exchange projects and a large European network.

Besides these projects Link was also sending and hosting organisation for European Volunteer Service (EVS). We received volunteers from Scotland, Estonia, Russia, Spain and Lithuania and have send volunteers to England and Austria. Currently we are neither a sending nor a hosting organisation.

Link finances their projects mainly with funding of the Program Youth in Action from the European Union.Youth in Action

If you want more information about our projects, European exchanges or if you want to be involved? Don’t hesitate but contact us by mail.