Link sends artists to INCA Catalunya

“ACAM – AbralaCarpa Arts Meeting” is an international meeting that aims to meet together young artists coming from Europe with multidisciplinary and innovative proposals, which believe in art as a tool for social inclusion, with the objective to share their experiences and competences in an intercultural environment. The main theme throughout the project will by the intercultural dialogue and social inclusion of young people through arts.

The aim of the project is to promote art and culture; although it is based on contemporary circus as a main focus of its activities, the project aims to open up to other performing disciplines. Specifically, the project pays particular attention to social values that will be developed within the initiatives carried out during the meeting: the confluence between several disciplines and scenic languages, the peaceful coexistence between different cultures, the social intervention are elements that INCA Catalunya analyses for years through the projects implemented with INCA Network. INCA Catalunya believes in the potential benefits of artistic expression to create spaces for reflection, synergies and exchanges, so “AbralaCarpa Arts Meeting” has the intention to look after both the artistic quality of the activities to be carried out as well as the opportunity to generate social inclusion initiatives.

 To offer the chance to young artists, collectives, and emerging groups coming from Europe to meet in intercultural environment.
 To promote arts as tool for intercultural dialogue.
To encourage new innovative social inclusion interventions with young people through arts.
 To spread the individual and group values of theatrical and circus arts.
 To create a reference space of performing arts both at local and international level.