Link sends youth to exchange in Mardin Turkey

‘’My Life is a Film’’ a youth exchange action 1.1 project, it’s funded by Europian Commision Lifelong Learning Programme, Turkish National Agency. Project will take place in Mardin, between the dates 1st-10th of April 2013.

35 young people will attend to the project from Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, Holland, France and Turkey. It’s art and culture project and it aims to create 1 minute of video CV of each participant by combining writing, filming, photography and audio arts. Each participant will create their own story by informal education methods such as drama then filming and editing altogether as a group. Every participant will choose some local characters and give them some role in their film. The aim is to discover a different and colorful method of expressing ourselves to the others which can be used for a job or school or any place that we need to present ourselves. Also to discover other cultures and to discover what they have common or not. Each participant will have an active role in the creation of videos both for themselves and for the others.   In the end of the project all the videos that was made will be projected in the square of the town with big cultural evening Gala with food and music and will be open to everybody.  Place Mardin in Turkey is an ancient city with a history as old as the great flood. There have been numerous human settlements and each settlement has left an indelible impression of its unique aesthetic and cultural taste. The city is full of representations and symbols of distinguishing characteristics of specific areas. 

The charming city of Mardin is situated on a scenic hill slope overlooking the Mesopotamian plains. The city is close by and well connected to the neighboring countries of Syria and Iraq. Mardin is a wonderful mix of culture and history; it is a great destination for travelers wishing to experience some unique cultural and historical motives.  Participants We are working with 7 groups from Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, Holland, France and Turkey. Each of them is bringing 5 participants (4+1 leader) from their country, in the age of 18-26 (any age for the coordinator) to represent a specific cultural background and artistic practice. All participants will have experience (or interest to work with it and) in one of these fields: photography, filming, editing, audio etc. They all have basic knowledge in English (not necessary but participant would get more benefit).  Programme and working methods All the groups will receive complete 10 days working schedule before the project and will have enough time for preparations. But basically schedule will be based on the idea below; The action will be divided into 3 different stages: during the first days, we will get to know each other and learn to work as a team. During the mid days, artistic workshops and activities for writing, filming, editing as a way to discover each other, to share experiences and skills.   Here is a picture of Mardin: