Crash is an theatre exchange project between the Netherlands and Estonia . From February 20 th till March 1 st 2004, 18 Dutch and 18 Estonian youngsters worked on an theatre play with projections, sounds, movement and theatre in Estonia.

The project Crash is a follow up from the theatre play Hairy-Tale with youngsters from different youth centres in Zuid-Holland. Hairy-Tale , was a mixed up fairy tale about hair that was performed in June 2003. Because there was an Estonian girl involved in the play, who was doing her EVS in the Netherlands , we got the opportunity to make a follow up in Estonia.

In a crash of ideas, cultures and media the group made in just 10 days an surprising and refreshing performance with projection, sounds, movement and theatre. Crash is performed in Palamuse, Jogeva and Tallinn.

Crash is a cooperation between the foundation Link and the foundation PJ PARTNERS and is made possible by the European Youth Programme and the Province Zuid-Holland.

Dates and locations
Palamuse Rahvamajas 25-02-04 19.00 hours
Jogeva Kultuurikskuses 26-02-04 16.00 hours
Tallinn Kanuti Gildi SAALis 27-02-04 19.30 hours
Tallinn Kanuti Gildi SAALis 28-02-04 19.30 hours


Foto’s made during the project:

Some photo’s from the project.


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