On The Mov[i]e

On The Mov[i]e was a project of Link in 2005. In this project 3 different European countries will participate. These countries where, Germany, Poland and Holland.

The project On the MovIi]e was for young people between 18-25 who are interested in video and filming and getting to know the culture and young people in the other European countries.

From august 5th till august 19th 2005 a group of 24 youngsters from these 3 different countries made a road movie. That means 8 youngsters of each country.

In each country the youth had an assignment that they have to fulfil and film together. At the end of the project the groups put all the material together in The Netherlands and made a montage of there material they filmed on the road and presented it to the public.

A free copy from the DVD with the 6 films is availible


You can find some photo’s here:

A selection of photo’s from the project.