Walls of Perception

This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of collapsing of The Berlin Wall.Therefore INCA Germany invited Stichting Link for the youth exchange ‘Walls of Perception’ in Berlijn.

From September the 18th till the 26th four Dutch participants and one Link-teamleader are joining this project.In 9 days the participants of 5 countries (Italy, Slovenia, Latvia, Germany and The Netherlands) will work together.ln these days we want to find out together the meaning of walls in a historical, a political and a psychological as well as metaphorical sense.As we think that the perception of things influences the definition of the things themselves, perception will be the key of our approach to the topic of walls. All participants come from their places with different viewpoints and opinions and therefore different perceptions. To exchange these perceptions, which influence the thinking and behaviour of everyone, will create the ground for our creative work together. On the basis of their interests and abilities – performance, street theatre, visualisation through photography, film or graphic arts as well as music – the participants will develop their own view on the topic and express it in an own intercultural and interdisciplinary artwork. By this way of working we want to show that the overcoming of walls is possible in all kind of ways, even just by stepping over the border of our own skills, approaches and cultural identities. At the end of the project there will be a series of street performances and a public presentation of the results within a final presentation party in Theaterhaus Mitte. Check the trailer for the project.

Dates and locations

September 18th – 26th